Preparation Tips for Solo Backpacker

Are you Solo backpacker traveller? Well, travelling to new places will be very pleasant. In addition to gaining experience, certainly refreshing the brain and living on daily fatigue can be eliminated.

You have the opportunity to see this vast world cheerfully. But what if this travelling planning is only you do without travelling companions.

Is it possible? Here are 5 Preparation Tips For Solo backpacker traveller.

A Fit Condition. The main thing that you need to prepare is actually your physical and mental. Make sure you are in good health and ready to travel out of town. It is better for you to prepare yourself a week before departure to maintain your stamina so that when you travel differently from your daily activities, your body is not surprised. Your mentality must also be well maintained to make the mood of the trip happier. Prepare physically and mentally well before doing the solo travelling.

Minimalist Packing. You must prepare all your equipment alone and personal needs when you are outdoors. Pack enough to suit your needs. Avoid carrying too many items or preparing items that you don’t need too much. You don’t have a partner who can be counted on to take your equipment or remind objects that might be left behind during the trip.

Travel Plan. Plan everything carefully from accommodation, transportation, consumption, to unexpected costs that you may have to spend during the trip. A good plan will make your trip more directed and organized. You are not going to go aimlessly like someone lost, but you are a traveller who tries to be independent by trying adventure alone.\

Enough Budget. With a fairly mature plan, you can predict how much budget you have to spend later. Of course, this is quite risky on the way. Even if you have a lot of money but you don’t necessarily spend your money to smooth things out.

Emergency Call. Anything can happen out there, especially negative things that might happen. Anticipation is the best way to make you more prepared and confident to get past it. Prepare important telephone numbers in a safe place so that one day you can contact help quickly if things go wrong.
That’s the preparation tips for solo backpacker traveler.